State Park Pass

When it comes to value, one of the best deals out there are state park passes. Many states have an annual state park pass that allows you to enter any of that state’s parks for a year usually for a one time fee. Fees are reasonable and if you use your state’s park system at all, they will pay for themselves quite quickly. Many states also have discounted park passes available for those who have retired and veterans.

In addition to being a great deal, purchasing a state park pass will encourage you to visit these beautiful places more often. For those who are always looking for inexpensive entertainment for the family, trips to various state parks can be an ideal way take advantage of an annual pass.

Many state parks are also excellent places to give children an education outside of the classroom. There is both nature and history found at many of the state parks across the nation.

State park systems also provide an entertaining way to get physical activity. Many provide physical activities such as hiking trails and swimming opportunities. Getting outdoors into the fresh air of state parks has a multitude of health benefits.

In the summer when kids are out of school, a state park pass is an excellent way to get them out form in front of the TV, keep them off the streets and give them a place they can go with friends. It also lets kids explore and gain independence as they learn.

For these and many other reasons, getting an annual state park pass is an excellent idea for yourself, or is a wonderful gift to give to others. Listed on this page to the left are what type of annual state park pass each state offers.

For a lucky few that live in Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, there is no need to even pay for an annual state park pass. All these states offer free entrance to their state parks making a state park pass meaningless and all the more reason to get out and visit them.

Is a state park pass tax deductible?

Unfortunately, the purchase of a state park pass is not tax deductible. Unlike a donation to the state park which is tax deductible, when you purchase a state park pass you are receiving a benefit in return (access to the state parks). Because you receive this benefit, the state park pass is not tax deductible on your taxes.